Did an awesome job for us today. Great crew! Thanks again.

Michelle Snider | 5 Stars

Had a huge dead tree removed plus the stump, I was extremely impressed on the quality of service and the safety of the crew, very professional and will definitely be using Viverito Tree Experts for future projects.

Eric Hutchinson | 5 Stars

Excellent customer service. I had a true emergency during a wind storm last weekend when one tree fell on my house and another was uprooted and dangerously close to falling on my deck and taking out my power lines. Jim came to my house immediately to assess the damage and acted fast to get his men and equipment to my house. They were so professional and fast at removing the trees, while handling the power lines delicately. True experts.

Tina O. | 5 Stars

I highly recommend! They did a beautiful job on my large silver maple in my front yard. I was worried about the branch hanging over my neighbors garage and the owner and his team were professional and careful which meant a lot to me. They were fast, efficient and price was fair. Neighbors on the other side of us hired them as well after seeing the great job they did for us! Everyone is happy!

Heather J. | 5 Stars

Trimmed two very large Silver Maple trees.

My front lawn was in poor shape and I was told it needed more sunlight. My wife contacted "Viverito Tree Experts Inc." Mr. Viverito came out the next day to evaluate what needed to be done. Never having done anything with the two trees before this, (we have been here almost forty years and the trees were here before us), I didn't know what to expect. We were losing quite a few branches this past winter and I was afraid maybe both of the trees would be lost. Really didn't want that to happen.? He explained that he was a certified arborist and that the trees were healthy but that some big branches had to be cut for the rest of the tree to remain so. He stated that they would not just cut the lower limbs, but go quite a ways up into the tree. I felt reassured and gave him the go ahead. That was on a Friday and he asked if the following Monday would be okay? No problem there. Monday morning and they arrived right on time with three or four trucks and a crew of about six. After about four hours of the person in the bucket cutting, and the whole crew gathering and chipping up the logs and such, they were finished. But not before they cleaned up all the twigs, leaves, and what have you.? It is certainly a lot sunnier out there, and if my lawn doesn't improve, it is NOT their fault. I am very satisfied with the whole experience of their company and will recommend them to anyone. One last thing: It is a good feeling to see a firm with employees that seem happy to do a great job. Rare today.

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